10/18 Update 

Hi friends! 

With all of the attention and new followers Sophie’s page has gotten lately, I decided I needed to consolidate all of the updates and my random rambling posts into one spot. I would like to eventually stop using my personal Facebook and just update Sophie’s through this blog. My hope is to expand my writing while also keeping everyone updated on how our superhero is doing! I’ll share every post on her Facebook page and I’ll still be checking that for comments and messages! You can also click FOLLOW on the bottom right of the screen to get updates in your email! I’m excited for this new step in my writing and in possibly sharing our journey and what the Lord is doing with even more people! 

I had a nice, restful few days at home and am back with Soph getting lots of snuggles. She had a great weekend with all 4 of her sweet grandparents and even got to spend Monday and Tuesday with her daddy! He doesn’t get to see her near enough because of work so they really enjoyed getting to be with each other. Soph is a huge daddy’s girl so she’s at complete peace when he’s here. 

Yesterday, she got moved back over to the hospital from rehab. She apparently told the phlebotomist ‘all done’ after she got her blood drawn! I wasn’t here but, Jonathan said he heard it! Thank you Lord for little words that tell us you’re working on her voice! After the blood draw, she had an X-ray to check her new NG tube placement and then got admitted for chemo. All of her blood work, X-rays, and other labs looked great! Her ANC (immune system) is at 4,000 so her infection risk is very low which is so great! She’s even up to 25 pounds now! She hasn’t weighed that much since she came off of the steroids that made her look like a chipmunk! 

Once they got her settled and hydrated with a HUGE dose of fluids and zofran she started her 24 hour Methotrexate infusion. It actually just finished about an hour ago. Soph has felt pretty crummy today. I mean I’m pretty sure anyone would feel crummy after getting 1,300 mL of poison infused into their body. She threw up twice today and just seemed overall pretty uncomfortable. The doctors adjusted her nerve medication a bit so hopefully that will ease some of the discomfort. We are hoping to keep the mouth sores at bay by cleaning her mouth 3 times a day with saline, swabbing the entire inside of her mouth with “Magic Mouthwash”, and then slathering Aquafor on her lips. That combination helped last time so we are praying that happens again this time! Tomorrow should be a day of rest while we wait for the chemo to clear her urine. It has the potential to damage kidneys so that’s why we can’t leave until she’s fully hydrated and there’s no trace of it in her urine samples. We should also get to see Miss Sara and Miss Liz tomorrow, two of our favorite therapists for PT and OT! Once the Mx clears her urine, we’ll be headed back to rehab for a few days. We’ll be back at the hospital next Tuesday to get the G-Button procedure so that’s why her counts being high is so great! 

Pleas continue to share these posts and pray! 

1. SO much to be thankful for! Thank you Lord for grandparents and Sophie getting time with her amazing daddy! Thank you for ‘all done’, weight gain, high counts, and normal tests…you are showing your faithfulness to us in the midst of this chaos. 

2. Pray for the nausea to stop. No throwing up, fever, mouth sores, or infections.

3. MIRACULOUS progress in all therapies! We need swallowing, words, and movement! 

4. Pray specifically for Sophie’s nerve damage to be reversible! That she’ll regain control of each and every function. 


Thanks friends!

14 thoughts on “10/18 Update 

  1. She is so precious. Thankyou so much for sharing her with us. I continue to pray for complete healing for sophie everyday. And i hope you dont mind that i shared with my aunt one of your post a couple weeks ago so she could get the church in on the prayers for little sophie.

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  2. Love the blog and all the updates. Praying over every request and thanking God for all of the BIG and small victories and the ones still to come… His mercies are new every morning. 💕

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  3. I started following your journey about a month ago & I have been praying for your baby girl every since. My son is 16 months old & I couldn’t imagine going thru any of this. You and your husband are amazing & courageous parents! Sweet little Sophie & the rest of your family are in my prayers. God is BIGGER than cancer!

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  4. Praise God for those 2 little words and lowered infection rate! Will be praying for Sophie as she undergoes all procedures coming up. Praying for complete healing! Prayers for rest and comfort for you and your family as you prepare for what’s next. God is bigger than cancer!🙏

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  5. Thank you for this wonderful update. Have been Thinking of you all and praying that your time at home was restful and that sweet Sophie has been continuing to improve. Loving her ANC levels!! Continued prayers and love being sent from Bermuda!😊❤🤗🙏

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