The night of 1,000 puke bags and zero sleep. 

Still no phone call with results. Which is super annoying. Radiology leaves at 3:30/4:00 on Fridays so I guess our Scan didn’t get in on time for them. Obviously it’s not their fault, everyone is ready to go home on Friday but, for us it’s super frustrating having to wait. And stressful. I’ve felt like I’m having a heart attack for close to 24 hours. This is Scanxiety friends.

We moved back over to OCH rehab around 5:30 yesterday afternoon and our day just went downhill from there.
Soph could use some big prayers today.

She has thrown up at least once an hour since 2:00 yesterday. We have used almost our entire stash of puke bags….and we had stashed A LOT. Every single bib we own is dirty. She hasn’t been able to tolerate even 5mL of pedialyte in her G-Tube. We missed 2 doses of her meds yesterday because she threw it all up. So at midnight last night she had to be reaccessed with her giant port needle so that we could get fluids in her and switch her meds to IV. The needle that we had JUST taken out at 5:00 yesterday when we left the hospital. There’s nothing in her tummy so she’s basically dry heaving up bile every hour. To add to that, all of the throwing up has made her sensitive lips bleed. She also is SO agitated that her tremors and flailings are on overdrive. She’s 100% overstimulated and miserable. It’s the most she has thrown up in one night ever.

Last night was unbelievably awful. I’m so thankful Jonathan was here and that neither of us had to deal with that all alone. We also had a great night nurse, Collin, who took great care of us and was so helpful. He even left us a Starbucks gift card because he feels so bad that we got zero sleep. One more reason I love nurses so much.

We don’t know what exactly is going on. She had a tummy X-ray this morning that showed everything is fine-which is good. Her G Button isn’t leaking or anything like that. No fever or anything else weird. Basically we are assuming it’s just a terrible combination. She just finished high dose Methotrexate on Tuesday and we don’t usually go under anesthesia so close to chemo so that could be part of it. She also got several doses of ephedrine during sedation yesterday to help her blood pressure which she’s never gotten before. We weren’t aware that he was going to use that medication so that could be contributing to some of this too. She also missed two doses of her nausea medication yesterday, like I said above which most definitely can contribute to this.

So far this morning (knock on wood) she seems a bit better. At this moment it’s been 90 minutes since her last gag which is a record so far. Hopefully getting her IV meds back on track and giving her time to get the sedation and ephedrine our of her system will help.

Please pray that we are DONE with this extreme nausea and that we’ll be able to turn her feeds back on this evening and get her back on track.

Also pray that we get a phone call with scan results so that I don’t go completely insane.

4 thoughts on “The night of 1,000 puke bags and zero sleep. 

  1. Praying 🙏🏻. Dear God please let sweet Sophie and her parents feel your presence through this very frustrating and scary time. We know you are in control but we are weak and in need of feeling your loving presence. “Little ones to him belong. They are weak but He is strong. Yes, Jesus loves you”. Amen


  2. Saying many prayers for your sweet Sophie. I pray that God has this nausea and vomiting leave her tiny, fragile body. May He wrap His arms of comfort and protection around each of you. Peace, Love and Comfort.


  3. Father, we lift up sweet Sophie to you for you to touch her with your healing powers. Your word tells us your stripes paid the price for our healing and we believe Your Word. We ask you to touch every cell in her body and command them to be a peace now in Jesus Name! Father your name is above every name that can be named above the earth and beneath the earth and we speak your Name over the name of “cancer” for it to be destroyed and eradicated from Sophie’s body now! Thank you Lord for your miraculous power in her life! In Jesus Name Amen! We expect a miracle!


  4. Me and kids pray for Sophie everyday on way to school. We will continue. Our God is the ultimate physician!


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