Smiles don’t mean it’s not there

Somedays we smile.

Somedays we are productive.

Somedays we have fun.

Somedays we relax and do stuff for us.

Somedays we are happy.


Everyday we miss her.

Everyday it’s there.

Everyday we wish she was here.

Everyday the hole is felt.

Days turn into weeks and months and eventually years will pass but, the ache won’t.

Smiles don’t mean it’s not there.

She’s still gone.

We didn’t forget.

We won’t forget.

We still feel it.

We will always feel it.

We need to know you feel it too-that you haven’t forgotten. I think the people in our day-to-day lives don’t want to make us sad by bringing it up. They want to protect us and let us feel like at least life with them is ‘normal’. I’d rather cry because we talked about her than cry because I feel lonely or forgotten. I wish everyone knew that it means so much when you acknowledge that even though your life is ‘normal’, you know ours is still blown apart. So when we’re together, it’s ok to mention her…it’s ok to check in with us. It’s ok to let things not be normal with us around. You won’t make us sad. You’ll remind us she mattered and you love her and us.

We haven’t forgotten. Please, don’t forget.

#SophieTheBrave #DoMoreForSoph #GodisBigger #OneDayCloser

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