Connor’s Birth Day

On September 4, 2019 we added our Rainbow Baby Brother to our family!

I was 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant and had my routine 38 week checkup with my doctor. At 37 weeks I was 3cm dilated and Sophie was born at 38 weeks so Jonathan decided to go to this checkup with me just in case.When we got to my appointment my blood pressure was pretty high. 165/93 and Connor’s heart rate was in the 110-115 range so my doctor decided that it was best to just get him here! Jonathan and I headed from the doctor’s office to the hospital! Thankfully, I had put my labor bag in the car just in case!

I will say, checking into the labor and delivery floor and being put in the same triage area where I was when I was in Labor with Sophie was harder than I expected. Once I got settled, Jonathan went home to grab his stuff and sitting there alone I was having to swallow some tears and panic a bit. THANKFULLY i knew my triage nurse! In fact, I taught her son 6 years ago when he was in 3rd grade! She knows all about Sophie so I didn’t have to explain it and that alone was just comforting.

Fast forward to about an hour later and I was in a labor room with my new nurse Betsy who was Precious and amazing! She also knew about Sophie and had flower our story from my sister-in-law who used to work on this L&D floor.

At 11:15 we started my pitocin and hooked up Connor and myself to monitors and fluids. My mom and sister got there shortly after!

At 1:00 my doctor came in and broke my water and stuff got real! My contractions started coming very strong and frequent about 10 minutes later.

At 2:30 I was dilated to 5cm and got my blessed epidural and it honestly was the perfect placement. I still felt my contractions but, they were manageable and I could still feel my legs and feet. With Sophie my epidural numbed me completely and I felt nothing which is great…it just was harder to push because I couldn’t feel anything.

I was breathing through my contractions and my blood pressure was still sky high and Connor’s heart rate was fine…just on the lower side. I just knew that my blood pressure was going to cause me to have a c-section which I really did not want but I also wanted what was safest for both of us. But again, thankfully, only 2 hours after my epidural, I was ‘complete’ -10cm- and ready to push!

Holding in my emotions was a struggle. I knew if I let the flood out that I wouldn’t be able to breathe to push. But the wave of it was overwhelming. I started pushing at 4:48 and 7 minutes later, after 4 pushes, Connor Jackson Skiles cane into our world at 4:55 pm. And we sobbed. It honestly took us both by surprise. We both knew we’d be emotional and there would be tears but…the absolute sobs were a bit unexpected.

He was here and perfect. 7lbs 4oz And 19.25 inches long. He had Sophie’s nose and lips and dark hard but also was very much his own little person. They put him on my chest and I was complete again…or as complete as I can be without Sophie. He looked up at me and sighed. He knew he was home too. It was one of the most precious moments of my life.

The thankfulness that we were overcome with was so powerful. We were thankful, so thankful when Sophie was born…but we didn’t know huge loss. This time….we knew how short and precious out lives are….we knew what it feels like to lose a child. And that made holding our rainbow so joyful and sad and and humbling and all the things. He didn’t fill the hole Sophie’s death left but, he definitely helped it feel redeemed a bit.

The last month has been so incredible. Connor is a fairly easy baby. He eats like a champ…even though he eats fairly often and won’t take a bottle. I’m an on call milk servant…I’ve accepted it. He also wants to be held most of the time, which we all are happy to do. He loves his bath and hates diaper changes. He also has basically the cutest little face and I’m basically obsessed with him. I’d forgotten some of the less glamorous and cute aspects of postpartum and newborn life but…even those things…I’ve been able to be thankful because I’m just SO.DANG.HAPPY. To be someone’s mom again. To have him here to hold and kiss and talk to.

It hasn’t taken away the grief. In fact, every day just about, there’s a moment or several moments where I think…she should be here. And it makes me so incredibly sad. But at the same time I know she’s here. I know she’s apart of all of it. And the best part….she’s whole and healed and perfect. She’s better off than all of us.

And even though we are truly loving everyday with Connor. We are still full of Hope because we are continually one day closer to eternity with her.

And I’m thankful.

3 thoughts on “Connor’s Birth Day

  1. I was waiting to read your poignant words Shelby. You have a beautiful baby boy. Rejoice in him. Hold him and live him every moment of every day. God has blessed you w Connor. God will be w you Thru all the moments.
    Post all his pics and stay obsessed. It’s all you deserve and may every day bring more and more.


  2. So happy for you and your husband!🤗
    Hi Conner! Welcome to your world!

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