10/30 Update-It’s a BIG week! 

Let me start with a huge THANK YOU to every person that had a part in Sophie’s 5K on Saturday! Whether you volunteered, participated, donated to the run, bought cards for the fundraiser, etc. we truly appreciate everyone that set time aside for us! Almost $6,000 was raised for Sophie’s bills and we are so blown away by that-that’s huge for us, so-thank you thank you! If anyone else would like to donate towards our bills, you can click the GoFundMe link on the menu in the top left corner of this webpage. We appreciate any and every bit of help. 

Sophie had an uneventful weekend. She’s had a few throw ups and blow outs but, overall her tummy seems to be settling down and accepting the G-Button quite well. Her incision sites still look great-no swelling or redness. She continues to be fever free and has been working hard in all of her therapies! We have started trying to let her drink small spoonfuls of water and she is doing pretty well with that. She’s also been very active and smiley and trying so hard to make sounds! ‘Ma’ is her sound of choice right now and I’m claiming credit that she’s trying to say Mama. That may not be the case buuuuuut-I carried her for 9 months and was in 13 hours of labor so I get to claim that she’s trying to say Mama. Haha! 

Like I said, this is a BIG big week for our Spartan Baby. Since she’s been doing so well and all of her blood work and urine numbers are looking great-it was decided that she can start chemo a day early. That seems small but it gets us one day closer to transplant! She’ll get her *hopefully* final dose of Methotrexate tonight and it will run for 24 hours. Then we will hang out here in the hospital until Friday. Once the chemo leaves her urine and as long as her symptoms are managed, we’ll get one final PET Scan and Bone Marrow Biopsy Friday morning. Well, not FINAL forever but, final for now. Then we will probably be headed back to our inpatient rehab facility until we get our transfer to Cook’s scheduled-it looks like we might be headed there on the 13th but that’s tentative. 

These tests are huge. She has to still be in remission in order for us to still be eligible for transplant. I don’t know what it looks like if she’s not in remission and frankly I don’t want to know. On paper, she should be in remission-her blood work has all been in ‘normal’ ranges and she’s had no fevers or complications of any kind. We will hopefully get preliminary results Friday afternoon to at least hopefully take some of the stress off of our shoulders. I have a love/hate relationship with Scan day. I HATE the anxiety it brings us all, I HATE sedating her for 3+ hours, I HATE that she has to get intubated, I HATE waiting for results….I HATE all of it. All of it except that fact that Scan day gives us answers. Scan day is a necessary evil but, having scan days means she’s still around to be scanned. So as far as I’m concerned, I’ll set up camp in waiting rooms and pray through scans for the rest of my life-and that’s ok. It’s mostly a hate relationship but, answers are always good, even if we don’t always like them. 

Please be praying for all of us this week! 

1. Thank you Lord for a happier Soph that’s feeling much better! Thank you for less tummy troubles, no fevers, and no complications! Thank you for PROGRESS!!!

2. Pray for continued protection from infection, more side effects from chemo, vomiting, and any complication. 

3. Pray for scans-BIG powerful prayers-set an alarm for 9:00 on Friday morning to pray for NO CANCER, no complications from sedation, and again for NO CANCER! 

4. Please continue to pray for complete and forever restoration for Sophie. We serene a BIG and mighty God and the same power that Jesus used here’d on earth lives in those that put their faith in Him. I fully believe that mass prayer is heard. She will be fully restored-no cancer and no brain damage or deficits-forever. It won’t be fast but, it’ll all come back.

5. Pray for our SCANxiety. That hate side of our Scan relationship is really hard. 

10/26 Update 

It’s been 162 days since our diagnosis. 

We are on Day 80 inpatient since our ‘relapse’, ICU scare, and horrible aggressive chemo. Sophie will probably be away from home for at least another 130 days. 

So, things have been busy but, also at the same time uneventful. Soph’s G-Button procedure on Tuesday went well. The surgeon was able to do the procedure laparoscopically (through her belly button) and didn’t have to make any large incisions. She was only under anesthesia for about 90 minutes and had no trouble with that. We had a pretty rough night Tuesday night. Soph was in quite a lot of pain and was waking up every 3 hours screaming and trying to sit up. From a therapy standpoint, trying to sit up is amazing but, with a brand new G-Button site–siting up isn’t great. So we got ZERO sleep and tried A LOT of morphine. My child is a tank and burns through sedation and pain medicine like it’s her job! We finally seemed to get her over the pain hump yesterday and she pretty much slept all day long peacefully. We started Pedialyte in the tube yesterday afternoon and that started off bumpy with some throwing up but then she adjusted. Yesterday Aunt Jacy FINALLY got back!!!! She’s been banished for almost 3 weeks because she had Strep and we missed her!! she and Soph got lots of cuddles last night so I could go get some much needed sleep at Ronald McDonald House! Sophie’s pain was much more under control lastnight-she only woke up twice in pain which was a HUGE improvement. 

Aunt Jacy is back!!!

Today, Soph was feeling almost back to 100%! She had a great OT session grabbing and lifting toys with her therapist Lis helping her, wound care came by and said her incisions still look great, and she’s had no redness or fever. We started her back on formula this morning at a very low dose and are increasing it slowly raft hour. So far that has stayed down! We also got a great surprise today…. SHE GOT TO GO OUTSIDE!!!! Her ANC (immune system) is above 2,000 so her infection risk is low and it was a beautiful day so we loaded up in our PT stroller and went outside! We sat with her Speech Therapist Brittany and PT Sara and worked on making sounds and holding her head up. It was nice to be outside but, she gets so so frustrated trying to speak that it makes me sad. She gets flustered trying to make sounds and ends up crying. Overall though, it was a good outing and it wore her smooth out. 


The plan for the weekend is just to rest and get therapy. Wound care will continue to come by and check her incisions. We will still get hopefully our last dose of Methotrexate Tuesday then we’ll wait a week to repeat our PET Scan and Bone Marrow Biopsy to see if she’s still in remission. It will probably be a stressful week of anticipation but, I’m holding onto the FACT that Grace wins everytime. Please be praying for us over the next week! 

1. Thank you Lord for less pain, no fever, and good incisions. And no vomiting! 

2. Pray that Soph remains fever and infection free! 

3. Pray for miraculous progress in all 3 therapies! 

4. Pray for complete and whole healing from cancer and from whatever damage is going on in Sophie’s brain. 

5. Pray that she is CANCER FREE! 


The past 7 days have been hard. We transferred facilities again for chemo. Sophie has thrown up pretty much every day for 7 days, a couple of those days had multiple throw ups. We’ve dealt with Neuro consultations and the discouraging meeting after the MRI. We’ve seen our friends get admitted, get chemo, then leave while we’re still stuck in the same place. It’s just been a rough week. 

Then, yesterday happened. 

Have you ever just distinctly felt the presence of God in the room with you? I’ve felt it a lot in church and worship settings but, until recently, I don’t know if I’ve tangibly felt the Holy Spirit in the room. Maybe I have and I’m just so consumed with hospital life that I’ve blocked out anything before May 18, 2017…which is possible. 

Yesterday started like any other day. I slept at Ronald McDonald House while my mom took the hospital shift. The night was uneventful and Soph actually got a full night’s sleep with no throwing up. She had a great OT session right before I got there and was in the middle of PT when I walked in. They were laying on her mat on the floor stretching and working on flexibility. Sara (our PT) stood Sophie up just to work on her bearing weight on her feet since it’s been so long since she’s stood or walked. Usually, Sophie just kind of flops around and Sara really has to support her. Yesterday though, Soph looked right at me and started lifting her feet trying to walk. She’s never done that in therapy-ever. Not once has she initiated leg movement that resembled walking. We thought it was a fluke so, Sara backed her up, reset her feet on the ground to get her to stand, and she took off trying to walk again! She cried out of frustrtation and I cried out of joy and also frustration for her. 

That would’ve been enough for one day but, my Soph is an overachiever. She took a nap and woke up at 3:00 and literally from then until about 11:00… she did not sit still. She wanted up to practice sitting, to sit on the edge of the bed, to stretch and practice rolling, to lay on her tummy and work on her neck control, and crunches…..I swear she did 500 crunches trying to sit up! It didn’t stop. Eventually I just layed her head in my lap and let her go on with her crunches. At one point she was able to crunch herself up off of my lap and sat up ALL BY HERSELF! I quickly caught her head to keep her from falling but, she got up there all alone. Another huge moment. 

We also finally were able to talk to our primary oncologist. She shed a MUCH more positive light on the MRI results. She agrees that there’s some significant damage on the scans right now. But, she feels that if the damage was the kind of serious permanent damage that that suggests–then Soph just simply wouldn’t be making any progress. She would just continue to lay in that bed all day everyday without showing any interest in the tv, wouldn’t react to us talking to her, and she wouldn’t track people moving around. She would just kind of exist. The fact that she’s made huge progress in just 2 months proves that she’s fighting and that her brain can find new ways to help her get it back. She still has a lot of developing to do and she’s stubborn so that helps. We still don’t know what that means or if she’ll get it all back but-we feel so much better after talking to our doctor. We also now have a baseline MRI that we can compare her further scans to. I can’t wait to see how the Lord will work on her next scan. 

Its so easy for us to get trapped in a place of feeling sorry for her and for ourselves when we think about the long list of what she can’t do. We see our friends with kids the same age and younger than Sophie living their normal lives, celebrating milestones, and being happy families. We watch everyone else seem to pass us by while we are stuck in pause. Every kid we see in public makes us sad. Everytime we hear ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ it makes us sad. Facebook makes us sad. Being at our apartment without her makes us sad. Being apart makes us sad. Everyday something at some point makes us sad. It’s SO easy to get trapped there and drown in it. Even the most positive person couldn’t help but go to that place. 

That’s when it’s the most important to remember how far she’s come. 

Two months ago she was just a lump in the bed. I don’t honestly have many pictures or videos from then because she was just-not there. There was no spark in her eyes, she slept 22 hours a day, and she was so weak. We had to position every part of her body for her-from her head to her feet. There was zero independent movement. I had an alarm set on my phone to roll her onto alternating sides every couple of hours so she wouldn’t get bedsores. She was throwing up constantly and couldn’t even lift or turn her head to keep herself from choking. She was covered in drool 24/7 because she was too weak to close her mouth and swallow. We were getting no sleep out of fear that she’d choke on vomit or spit and stop breathing while we slept and we wouldn’t hear her because her voice was just not there-no sounds came out. She cried but, no sound. No smiles. No eye contact. Nothing. I thought over and over that this treatment and lack of activity would kill her before the cancer could. I was terrified that she’d catch something that would turn into an infection that would land us back in ICU to die. We had 2 people in the room at night because being there alone at night was just terrifying and lonely. We had no idea if chemo was working or if she was dying. Not many people know that it was that bad. I posted updates but, it’s hard to put that kind of horrible into words when it’s happening. I think I did myself a disservice though, because my friends and other family just didn’t seem to get why leaving her was so hard and why the exhaustion was so intense. It’s because they didn’t know how bad it was. I felt so alone. 

Fast forward 2 months-she’s still nowhere near 100%. I think 25% would be optimistic but, it’s a lot better than 0%. Sophie has shown us all just how much of a fighter she is. First she kicked her cancer into remission then, she started kicking therapy. As of today, she has almost complete head control, she keeps her mouth closed and she swallows her spit. Speech is working on tiny bits of water now and she does well with that. She can move all 4 limbs with no pain and tolerates stretching and activities with them. She tolerates sitting while supported for hours if we let her and pretty much hates being still. She’ll roll from her side to her back and is really trying to roll from her tummy to her back. She tries to grip things and play. Most importantly, her smile and personality are back. She watches her favorite shows and laughs at her favorite books and iPad videos. She watches everyone that enters the room and listens when we talk to her. We get the occasional ‘No’ out of her and she nods her head for ‘yes’. There’s a lot more little things too. She doesn’t do each of these things all day everyday but, at some point everyday we see small progress. So how can we not jump up and down and praise the Lord for this kind of progress in 2 months? How can we not be ecstatic to see how much progress she’ll make in another 2 months? 

Yes, it’s sad when we compare it to our friends and family living their normal lives. But I believe with my whole soul that-we’ll get our normal back! It may take us 4 years but, it’s coming back! Now, is our fight with cancer over? No. Will she lose some ground during transplant? Probably a lot of ground. Are there still a lot of bad and scary days ahead of us? Definitely. But what’s important is, she’s showing us now that she can make progress, she can beat the expectations set before her. And even more important—-The Lord is showing us that He’s Faithful, He’s good, and He’s here with us. So, we’ll keep doing what we’ve done for 5 months and 6 days….. we’ll fight this cancer with everything in us. Then we’ll regroup and hit therapy with whatever we have left! I just don’t believe the Lord is bringing us through this for no reason. This will be a huge testament to the power of prayer and faith. Sophie is destined for greatness and I just flat can’t wait to see where she is in 2 more months and beyond! 

I have a challenge for anyone reading this. Think of something in your life that is challenging. Just because your kid doesn’t have cancer-your problems are still important. So think of one thing that’s challenging you and find SOMETHING to be thankful for about that challenge. Then write it down. If you can think of more than one thing-write them all down. As time goes on, try to write anything you can be thankful for even if it’s as simple as-I’m thankful I woke up this morning. Some days that may be all you can get out but, try to write at least one thing a day and then….just see what happens. Notice how your list changes over time and how, maybe that first challenging thing works itself out. Just humor me and do it 🙂 I’d love to hear how it goes if you’d like to share with me! 

10/22/17 Update:MRI results 

Ok So really I don’t have just a whole lot of information regarding the MRI. Well, I mean, we have information but, a lot of it we already knew.

 It shows there’s definitely some pretty significant damage kind of throughout the ‘wiring’ of her whole brain. We already knew something was obviously damaged due to Sophie’s current state of activity, so it wasn’t really new information. All anyone can say is ‘no telling if it’s permanent or what, when, how much, or if it will come back’…..which we also already knew and were expecting. We’ve never been under any kind of delusion that she’ll be hitting ‘normal’ milestones anytime soon-this is a pretty realistic household. There’s also damage to the nerves at the base of her spinal chord which-again-we knew about due to the Nalarabene chemo she received in ICU. 

We also all know the brain is an amazing thing that can change and reroute things. Sophie is very young and still has a lot of developing to do SO all we really can do is just do therapy and wait and see….which we already knew. 
That sounds like a frustratingly uninformative report—because it is. We are not super bummed though because, like I said- we knew most of this already. We’ve gotten used to the fact that she’s incapacitated over the past 2 months. We’ve also seen her make a lot of significant improvement over that time period so there’s no reason for us to expect that she won’t continue to make progress. We still will take it-one day at a time. More waiting. 

Where’s the good here? Well, there’s actually quite a bit of good. 1. There’s no tumor of any kind in her brain or spinal chord! We didn’t expect that but, it’s nice to have that confirmation. 2. She’s not in any discomfort or pain-the movements are just frustrating to her because she can’t control it. 3. There is no permanent injury to the basil ganglia. She still has severe damage but, we KNOW a BG injury is pretty much permanent and she doesn’t have that. 4. The nerve damage in her spinal chord should improve and hopefully reverse over time and her nerve medicine will keep that from being painful. 5. Sophie continues to be alert, happy, and attentive throughout the day-all are very good signs for her ‘with-it-ness’ if that makes sense. 

As far as from a cancer standpoint-we will still continue with the plan to have a G-Button placed on Tuesday then we are pretty sure chemo and transplant are still going to happen. We haven’t heard the official ‘Yes transplant is still on’ from our lead oncologist but, every other indication is that that is still the plan. I’ll have more of an answer on that tomorrow when she comes to see us. We are very aware of her physical needs but-quite frankly-we still have to get her cancer under control and hopefully cured before we can tackle her long term rehab needs. 

So for now, we’ll keep praying.

1. That the MRI results won’t effect transplant in anyway.

2. Pray for no fevers, infections, or pain 

3. Continue to pray for BIG therapy progress!

4. Pray for complete and total healing from the cancer and any side effects in her brain and body! 


The bracelet pictured is from an old order-I’d love to get one to everyone but the cost of envelopes and mailing plus the time it’d take to organize it would just be a bit much. Thank you for the support however and I’m sorry for the confusion…I just love this picture. 🙂 If I find a way to do it and get it to people far away easier, I’ll be sure to share! 


I feel like I spend my whole life waiting right now. 

Waiting for therapy, waiting for medicines, waiting for the doctors to come in for rounds, waiting on blood work every day, waiting on test results, waiting on scans, waiting on chemo, waiting on transplant, waiting on bills, waiting on side effects, and quite honestly, waiting on the next bout of bad news…but also waiting on our miracle. 

Some days it’s overwhelming. Some days it’s really easy to get buried under it and just wait for the other shoe to drop. We’ve had A LOT of setbacks and A LOT of bad news in 5 months. We joke a lot about ‘We always get the worst situation so what’s one more…’ but in all seriousness, it’s hard not to feel that way. 

BUT then Jesus steps in, as He’s so good at doing. He brings scripture back to mind. ‘Wait patiently for the LORD. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the LORD.’-Psalm 27:14 I’m reminded that Sophie is stuck waiting too. Her waiting, however, has to take place stuck in a room in one bed, hooked up to monitors and needles while she gets 8-10 drugs pumped into her day. She’s stuck watching us walk, talk, eat, and feel healthy while she throws up and has no energy to stay awake. She’s waiting too and she faces it every day with more heart and bravery than anyone her age should have to. If she can do it-so can I. But what’s so cool about it, is that neither of us has to wait alone. The Lord is with us in the waiting. Waiting can either drive you insane or it can build your faith. We can find Joy in the waiting. 

As I sit here waiting, yet again, on scans and tests that could hold very bad news-I’m honestly comforted. For every BIG scan-The Lord has been here- in this same waiting room every time. We’ve had 4 big PET Scans and each time I’ve had a feeling about how it would go. And all 4 times, my feeling has been right. Whether I felt it would be bad results or amazing results—I have been right each time. I fully believe that’s the Holy Spirit nudging my heart, preparing me for what’s coming. So, as I sit here, waiting-I know that whatever these results are, that my brave baby will beat the odds. I don’t have an idea if this is good or bad news and I don’t know what that looks like or what that even means BUT I know I can trust the feeling. Whether it’s great news that this is something fixable or whether it’s bad news and she has serious damage done to her brain…it will be ok. God is BIGGER than this. He’s bigger than scans and numbers. He’s bigger than odds and doctors. I believe He’ll give us the answers to beat the cancer THEN we’ll tackle what’s going on in her brain. I also know the brain is an unpredictable and ever changing organ. When we beat the cancer–who knows what all will be available in terms of therapy, medication, and neurology.

It won’t be quick. It won’t be easy. But it’s all very possible. I fully believe the Lord has a bigger plan in place here. So, for now, I’ll wait. 

‘What’s speaking to me’ Wednesday 

So technically, it’s Thursday but, I started writing this when it was still Wednesday so I’m going with it. One of the reasons I wanted to start the blog was inspired by the idea that I could take a list of things that have struck a chord in my heart throughout the week and share them on Wednesdays. It doesn’t necessarily pertain to Sophie but, part of the mission of this site is to share what the Lord is doing in me in the midst of Cancer so Here goes…

  1. Christy Nockels 
  • I have recently become OBSESSED with all things Christy Nockels. I heard her sing and speak at a women’s event a few weeks ago and I just fell in love with how absolutely precious she is! She has a heart for sharing Jesus through every aspect of her life and its infectious! I’m just enamoured. 
  • Christy has a podcast that is just….real. It’s called The Glorious in the Mundane and I have found so many little nuggets of truth in her posts! She shares real stories that have happened to her and how she’s applied the Gospel to them. I’ve found myself going back to Season One (it’s currently on season two) and I’ve been listening from the beginning. In Season One, Christy spends time with ‘famous’ believers like Ann Voscamp, Bob Goff, Matt Redman, and my personal favorite, Beth Moore. Today I was listening to the episode with Beth Moore and she said something that just stuck in my head. She said ‘Don’t just do what you think you’re good at.’ She was talking about the talents that God has placed inside of each of us and how we will give an account for how we used everything He gave us one day when we are called home. I think the point there is that we won’t know what we’ve been gifted with or how God will use us if we don’t put ourselves out there even when it makes us uncomfortable. In 1Peter 4:10, we are called to serve others with the gifts the Lord has blessed us with. Don’t know what your talent is? Ask God to reveal it to you! Just ONE example of how this incredible podcast has made me think.
  • Christy also has a new CD out-I said I was obsessed. I’m obviously in a very trying season with my daughter’s cancer fight. I find myself crying over any and every sweet moment that I experience. Let’s just say I sob during this entire CD. Be Held: Lullabies for the Beloved is one of the sweetest and most inspired compilations of songs. Christy very obviously put her heart and souls into this album. She even recorded an entire track of her speaking powerful scripture out loud, then she had it woven into every song on the CD to sound like a violin in the background. So when you listen to these songs, you’re literally having scripture spoken over you. I just find that incredibly powerful. I’ve been playing the entire CD on shuffle at night in the hospital over Sophie’s bed. There’s one song entitles ‘Head to Toe (The Armor of God Song’ -real,life ugly cry sobs happen when I play this song for my daughter. The lullabies aren’t just for your children either. It’s so important that we, especially women, take time to listen to the truths of who God says we are. We are beloved, valued, worthy, pure, loved, important…we are literally worth sacrificing Jesus for. 

2. Priscilla Shirer 

  • I have A LOT of downtime on my hands right now and I spend A LOT of time in my car driving to and from Dallas twice a week. I’ve been on a podcast kick lately and in addition to my Christy Nockels obsession, I also looooove me some Priscilla Shirer. If you don’t know who that is, ‘you gonna learn today!’ She is the daughter of the Dallas Cowboys chaplain and Pastor of the massive Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Tony Evans. She was in the movie War Room and has authored some incredible books and Bible Studies! 
  • Priscilla’s podcast is called Going Beyond and it’s actually only 7 episodes entitled Resolutions for Women and it’s from 2014. However, it’s still relevant 3 years later and so so good! Friday, on my way home from Dallas, I listened to one titled Surprisingly Satisfied and it spoke directly to my heart. In fact, it spoke to me so much-I’m working on a post specifically about it. Stay tuned for that. To just give you a preview of what inspired me- in the episode she talks about how we shouldn’t be so focused on being so ready for seasons of our lives to end,  even the hard ones, because we will most definitely miss the blessings and the lessons God has for us in this specific time. So good y’all, SO GOOD. Stay tuned for my take on that in more detail soon. 

3. Ann Voscamp on Facebook 

  • Listen. This wasn’t supposed to be just a list of women that I admire but, I guess it’s turning into that because each of them has posted or shared something this week that has touched my heart. Ann Voscamp posts something on her Facebook Page literally everyday that hits me right between the eyeballs. Today was no different. It doesn’t even need an explanation….I’ll just share the graphic she posted…. 


If you aren’t following Ann on Facebook-you are missing out on a great opportunity to have some light shined on your day. It’s not always warm and fuzzy feel good light. Some days it’s hatch revealing light that shines one a dark place in your heart and brings it out into the open. I would LOVE to be able to write like that. 

4. Last but not least….Beyoncé 

  • Ok so Beyoncé didn’t technically do anything that spoke to me this week. I mean don’t get me wrong, she’s fabulous but, we lead very different lives. It was a saying I saw this week that caught my attention: You have as many hours in the day as Beyoncé! 
  •  Let’s be honest- Beyoncé can afford waaaay more hours in her day than I can but, the idea behind this is what caught my eye and started my wheels turning. 
  • Think about the women that influence you or have influenced you in the past. I have a great list started above of women that have influenced me just in the last few days! Beth Moore, Ann Voscamp, Christy Nockels, Priscilla Shirer…I could add more obviously but, the point is there are hundreds-if not thousands of influential women all around us. We don’t have to look on E! or the cover of a magazine to find them. There are great women in our churches and in our families, in your office, or sitting next to you at soccer practice. The GREAT thing about every single one of those women….we all have 24 hours in a day. What we do with these hours is 100% up to us. The enemy seeks to make us think that we are too busy to be influential. We are too tired to make a difference. He wants us to feel that way…and we let him win all the time. 
  • That’s where Jesus came in and still comes in for us every single day. Exodus 14:14 tells us that The Lord will fight for [us]; [we] need only to be still. You don’t have to be a blogger, author, renowned public speaker, or ordained theologian to be influential. You don’t have to have an hour of complete silence in your kitchen for quiet time. You don’t have to add to your ever growing to do list. You just have to be still for a moment. Do you drive to work? Pray or listen to a podcast. Do you shower? Pray-spend time with Jesus. Do you spend hours scrolling your Facebook? Put it down for a few of those minutes and start reading a Psalm a day. Those little moments start to build big things in your heart and eventually it just fits into your already all consuming schedule. You don’t have to be Beyoncé, you just have to be willing to spend a few minutes a day talking to the One that thinks you are worth more than gold. That hole that tells you you’re too tired and too busy can’t be filled with anything but Him. Let Him into that place and watch what starts happening to your busy and tired days. 

This turned into a post about super awesome women and I’m so glad it did! These women have ministered to me this week and I don’t know any of them in ‘real life’. Technology has its faults but, bringing believers together in many many ways is one really great perk! I hope you found some encouragement here today and I TRULY hope you’ll follow some of the links I posted and let these amazing women speak truth and life into your life too. Make time for yourself- you’re important, you’re valuable, and you’re worth every second. 

Have a great week!